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*Lardawge-Rfm 1.4.1*
* Changed Server#do_action to Server#connect
* XML Parsing is now done via xpath which significantly speeds up parsing.
* Changes to accessor method names for Resultset#portals Resultset#fields to Resultset#portal_meta and Resultset#field_meta to better describe what you get back.
* Added an option to load portal records which defaults to false. This significantly speeds up load time when portals are present on the layout.
result = fm_server('layout').find({:username => "==#{username}"}, {:include_portals => true})
This will fetch all records with portal records attached.
result.first.portals would return an empty hash by default.
* Internal file restructuring. Some classes have changed but it should be nothing a developer would use API wise. Please let me know if it is.
* Removed Layout#value_lists && Layout#field_controls. Will put back in if the demand is high. Needs a major refactor and different placement if it goes back in. Was broken so it didn't seem to be used by many devs.