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⚙️ Newlogic Core

Starter for creating web applications. Powered by Vite and Vituum.

  • ⚡️ Powered by Vite
  • 💡 Modern principles
  • 🚀️ Fast development
  • 🛠️ Integrated tools
  • 📦 Modular structure
  • ✉️ Email templates

Newlogic Core is a plugin for Vite, and contains set of plugins that can be used to create modern web applications.

We use it as our main front-end set of tools at Newlogic Digital to create wonders.

🛠️ Integrated tools

  • Vite next-generation frontend tooling
  • Vituum fast prototyping with template engines
  • PostCSS with basic plugins
  • TailwindCSS for utility classes
  • Latte as template engine latte

🪄 Get started

npm i @newlogic-digital/core --save-dev


Each Newlogic Core project needs to have config via vite.config.js

import core from  "@newlogic-digital/core"

export default {
  plugins: [core()]

You can also try minimal example project core-starter