Gluten Free Pizza #3

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I'd like a recipe for home-made gluten free pizza.

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kneath commented Aug 9, 2013

I recently made this and it turned out pretty good (although I had to add quite a bit of extra almond flour to get the right dryness). It's not really a fluffy bread-y crust though, a lot closer to a crunchy type consistency.

Maybe we can get @broccolini to share the recipe she's been using, it turns out pretty awesome.


Basically just order the pizza version of cup4cup flour and follow the instructions ;)

I've seen the standard flour at Mollie's grocery in the Castro, they may have the pizza one too. I've ordered it on Fab sales too, but otherwise they have a list on their site on where to get it.

I do have a spelt flour dough pizza recipe too, that's not gluten free but it is wheat free. Lemme know if you want that.


I also saw this one for cauliflower pizza dough which looks interesting, but I haven't tried it yet


Mushroom, spinach, feta is my fave.

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What about cross-platform portability?
Im my Brazil's version I can't find those features!
I can't even find those building blocks!


+1 for cross-border compatibility. Although I'm a lover of paleo, almond flour brings additional costs to the project if I build it in Brazil. Will try to replicate the cauliflower dough, tho. LGTM.

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