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A distributed spider based on Apache Storm
Java Shell
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Spider based on storm platform



Incremental scrap && analyze

Define allowed URL patterns

Customize scrap strategy of certain pattern

  • limitation
  • reset interval
  • expire time
  • parallelism

Update settings dynamically

System will refetch settings after a certain time (cache), so it is possible to update settings dynamically.


There are one spout(URLReader) and five bolts in these topology. Bolts include URLFilter, Downloader, HTMLParser, HTMLSaver, URLSaver

URLReader: Pop from redis waiting list to get urls

URLFilter: Determine Which url will be downloaded.

This bolt is the controller, in charge of :

  • Handle repeated urls
  • Pattern download count, ignore limitation exceeded pattern.

Downloader: Download url

URLParser: Parse urls from the page

HTMLSaver : Save page html to MQ

URLSaver : Push possible urls to redis waiting list


There something to (or can to be) configured

urls_to_download (Redis list, required ) : waiting list, absolute url path.

allowed_url_patterns (Redis sorted list, required, priority from highest score(5) to lowest score(1), zrevrangeBYScore): allowed url patterns to be downloaded

url_pattern_setting_{pattern} (Redis hash, optional) :

- **limitation**: download count limitation in an interval
- **interval**: duration to reset count
- **expire**: cache time
- **parallelism**: max number of workers working on this pattern(host)


  • ignore nun-text pages (binary file)
  • consume faster
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