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A Rails-based frontend for Collectd
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Heymon is a Rails-based frontend for Collectd. Heymon's initial development was performed as an infrastructure project for DotSpots, Inc. has graciously agreed to release this code as open source.


Original Author: Brian Long

Contributors: chrispy (

Heymon's distribution includes:



1) Install the following gems: gem install right_aws gem install haml 2) Install RRDtool: Make sure to enter bindings/ruby and install the ruby bindings as well.

3) Install the gems for whatever database you plan on using, e.g. sqlite3. Note: use of sqlite3 in production is strongly discouraged. gem install sqlite3-ruby 4) Edit your database configuration to your liking. (edit config/database.yml) 5) Create heymon's databases rake db:migrate 6) Edit config/environment.rb to point to your collectd installation. Note: yes, the implication is that heymon must run on the same machine as collectd. COLLECTD_RRD = '' # (edit config/environment.rb to change the following line) Also edit the location of your rrdtool binary as necessary: RRDTOOL_BIN = '' 7) Start rails and you're off!

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