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New Play Map


The New Play Map is a pilot project of the American Voices New Play Institute at Arena Stage on behalf of and in collaboration with the field that seeks to develop opportunities that internet and communication tools have for enabling collaborative, culturally transformative, and globally-scaled information resource and knowledge sharing—within and beyond the new works sector.

The principles and strategy grounding this initiative are influenced by the culture and ethos of open-source software development communities and by community-generated collaborative projects such as Wikipedia, Ushahidi and Open Architecture Network.

The first public version of the New Play Map was launched for the field’s co-creation and feedback on January 10, 2011. Version 2 will complete development in June 2011. Follow and contribute to Version 2's open development process through the @NewPlayMap Twitter account, the New Play Blog which documents the development, and through the New Play Map's feedback and idea system.

Development History and Timeline

Further documentation and information about the New Play Map's development can be found on the New Play Blog.

Since the Fall of 2009, the Institute has been collaborating with the web development company Quilted which is ‘a worker-owned, cooperatively-managed company stitching together technology and social change.’

In the Spring of 2010, several member organizations of the National New Play Network contributed to early prototypes of the New Play Map website and provided crucial feedback and ideas for the current version.

January 10, 2011: Version 1 is released for the field's participation.

January 26-29, 2011: Final feedback is collected at the national convening From Scarcity to Abundance – Capturing the Moment for the New Work Sector.

June 2011: Version 2 completes development.

Open-sourcing the New Play Map Project to the World

The source code for the entire project will soon be open, free, and publicly available on GitHub, a social coding repository. Take it, use it, adapt it, and build with us! We would like to encourage any organization or individual to adapt this project for their own community within the U.S. or even beyond our borders. We could imagine a "New Play Map: World" if, for example, another nation’s arts service organization wanted to take the lead on creating a Map for its particular constituency. Or, one could imagine Mapping something entirely different based on some of work that is already built here.

The New Play Map's Website Development Team

Quilted: Rocket, Ben Mauer, Colin Sagan Independent Developer: Chacha Sikes

Website Technical Specifications

The New Play Map website is built using Drupal, an open source content management platform, OpenStreetMap, and is hosted by GAIA Host Collective, a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to environmental and social sustainability.

The New Play Map supports the following browsers: Firefox 3.6+ Safari 4+ Chrome 7+ Due to the heavy use of JavaScript on the New Play Map, Internet Explorer is not recommended due to its poor JavaScript performance.