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This plugin generates synthetic data and is intended as a starting point for new plugin authors.
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Example Agent Install

  1. Download the latest tagged version from
  2. Extract to the location you want to run the example agent from
  3. Copy config/template_newrelic_plugin.yml to config/newrelic_plugin.yml
  4. Edit config/newrelic_plugin.yml and replace "YOUR_LICENSE_KEY_HERE" with your New Relic license key
  5. Create a plugin in New Relic
  6. Edit newrelic_example_agent and replace "PUT YOUR GUID HERE" with the GUID that was generated when you created the plugin
  7. run ./newrelic_example_agent


You are welcome to send pull requests to us - however, by doing so you agree that you are granting New Relic a non-exclusive, non-revokable, no-cost license to use the code, algorithms, patents, and ideas in that code in our products if we so choose. You also agree the code is provided as-is and you provide no warranties as to its fitness or correctness for any purpose.

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