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NR1 Nerdpack for Customer Journeys.
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All Contributors

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nr1-customer-journey is like a NRQL funnel query on steroids. The Nerdpack is designed to allow devops teams, product manager, and digital marketers to examine a number of pre-defined measures in a side-by-side comparison between cohorts (columns) of users through a set of steps (rows).

  • Rows = Steps
  • Columns = Series
  • Measures = Stats

The application does this through a few visualizations.

Multi-series Funnel

It leverages a nr1-funnel-component. This visualization combines a 3rd party funnel library with the NR1 NerdGraphQuery component to execute three New Relic NRQL queries in the same GraphQL request and align the results into one data set that is delivered to the funnel visualization.

Data panels

For each row (Step) and column (Series), the Nerdpack renders a set of measurements (Stat). Those calculations can apply KPI thresholds to color-code the information. Each panel is also clickable, leading to a more detailed overview.


Detail Nerdlet

For any Journey, Series, and Step, there's a Nerdlet that will display the more detailed KPI's as well as timeseries view of the the given Stats for the selected row and column.



Currently, the application is driven by a relatively complex JSON config file. The documentation for that configuration file is available here.

Open Source License

This project is distributed under the Apache 2 license.

What do you need to make this work?

  1. Access to New Relic One.
  2. Configuring the journeyConfig.js.

Configuring this Nerdpack

See for detailed instructions on the capabilities of each portion of the journeyConfig.js. Also look at the examples directory for inspiration.

Getting started

First, ensure that you have Git and NPM installed. If you're unsure whether you have one or both of them installed, run the following command(s) (If you have them installed these commands will return a version number, if not, the commands won't be recognized):

git --version
npm -v

Next, install the NR1 CLI by going to this link and following the instructions (5 minutes or less) to install and setup your New Relic development environment.

Next, to clone this repository and run the code locally against your New Relic data, execute the following command:

nr1 nerdpack:clone -r
cd nr1-customer-journey
nr1 nerdpack:serve

Visit, navigate to the Nerdpack, and

Deploying this Nerdpack

Open a command prompt in the nerdpack's directory and run the following commands.

# If you need to create a new uuid for the account to which you're deploying this Nerdpack, use the following
# nr1 nerdpack:uuid -g [--profile=your_profile_name]
# to see a list of APIkeys / profiles available in your development environment, run nr1 credentials:list
nr1 nerdpack:publish [--profile=your_profile_name]
nr1 nerdpack:deploy [-c [DEV|BETA|STABLE]] [--profile=your_profile_name]
nr1 nerdpack:subscribe [-c [DEV|BETA|STABLE]] [--profile=your_profile_name]

Visit, navigate to the Nerdpack, and


New Relic has open-sourced this project. This project is provided AS-IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OR SUPPORT, although you can report issues and contribute to the project here on GitHub.

Please do not report issues with this software to New Relic Global Technical Support.


New Relic hosts and moderates an online forum where customers can interact with New Relic employees as well as other customers to get help and share best practices. Like all official New Relic open source projects, there's a related Community topic in the New Relic Explorers Hub. You can find this project's topic/threads here: (Note: URL subject to change before GA)

Issues / Enhancement Requests

Issues and enhancement requests can be submitted in the Issues tab of this repository. Please search for and review the existing open issues before submitting a new issue.


Contributions are welcome (and if you submit a Enhancement Request, expect to be invited to contribute it yourself 😁). Please review our Contributors Guide.

Keep in mind that when you submit your pull request, you'll need to sign the CLA via the click-through using CLA-Assistant. If you'd like to execute our corporate CLA, or if you have any questions, please drop us an email at


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Joel Worrall
Joel Worrall

💻 🤔
Daniel Golden
Daniel Golden

🤔 💻 🎨
Wesley D. Radcliffe
Wesley D. Radcliffe

🤔 💻

This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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