The nuget package for x64 apps (of type "web site") running on Windows Azure
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The nuget package for x64 apps (of type "Web Site") running on Windows Azure.


Setting up your local environment to contribute

  1. Open visual studio
  2. Tools menu >> Library Package Manager >> Package manager settings
  3. Under the Package Manager, click on Package sources
  4. Create a source named "Local" and set the directory to where you cloned the repository (something like "c:\code\nuget-azure-web-sites")
  5. Click Add then "OK"

Using the package locally

  1. To use it you can open up your web app and choose >> tools >> Library Package Manager >> Package manager console
  2. In the console make sure that the source drop down is set to local
  3. Then type in "Install-Package NewRelic.Azure.WebSites.x64"
  4. Hit enter

Pull requests

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Add awesome code or fix an issue with awesome code
  3. Submit a pull request