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## [1.21.1](v1.21.0...v1.21.1) (2022-05-19)

### Bug Fixes

* theme bump to 6.0.2 ([2dfb96b](2dfb96b))
* update snapshot ([e81ba70](e81ba70))

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New Relic Open Source Website (opensource-website)

The opensource-website project is the code and data behind generated by Gatsby.

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Project documentation can be found in the Wiki.

Topic Wiki Guide
Architecture Architecture
Build and Deploy Build and Deploy
Contributing Project Data Contributing Project Data
If you are adding or modifying your project listing and its metadata, this is the guide you should consult to make sure all necessary files are present.
Emergency Runbook Emergency Runbook
Project Structure Project Structure

Open source license

This project is distributed under the Apache 2 license.

Getting started

  1. Ensure that you have Git and YARN installed. If you're unsure whether you have one or both of them installed, run the following commands. (If you have them installed, these commands return a version number; if not, the commands aren't recognized.)
git --version
yarn -v
  1. Execute the following command to clone this repository and run the code locally against your New Relic data:
yarn install
yarn start

Open http://localhost:8000/ in your preferred, modern browser.


New Relic has open-sourced this project. This project is provided AS-IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OR DEDICATED SUPPORT. Issues and contributions should be reported to the project here on GitHub.

We encourage you to bring your experiences and questions to the Explorers Hub where our community members collaborate on solutions and new ideas.


New Relic hosts and moderates an online forum where customers can interact with New Relic employees as well as other customers to get help and share best practices. Like all official New Relic open source projects, there's a related Community topic in the New Relic Explorers Hub. You can find this project's topic/threads here:

Issues / enhancement requests

Submit any issues and enhancement requests in the Issues tab of this repository. Please search for and review the existing open issues before submitting a new issue.

Contributing code

Contributions are encouraged! If you submit an enhancement request, we'll invite you to contribute the change yourself. Please review our Contributors Guide.

Keep in mind that when you submit your pull request, you'll need to sign the CLA via the click-through using CLA-Assistant. If you'd like to execute our corporate CLA, or if you have any questions, please drop us an email at