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agent RUBY-1807 Make transaction state clear opt-in after fork Aug 11, 2017
cli cleanup of warnings removal work Aug 2, 2016
control RUBY-1773 Consider APP_ENV when determining environment May 16, 2017
rack RUBY-1698 Remove Developer Mode rack app Feb 24, 2017
recipes Capistrano deploy_notice doesn't extract changelog w/out revisions Dec 19, 2016
agent.rb Requires Datastores in Agent. Jun 13, 2017
coerce.rb RUBY-1481 Don't coerce nil to string May 26, 2015
collection_helper.rb RUBY-1698 Clean up CollectionHelper Feb 24, 2017
control.rb RUBY-1669 reintegrate dependency detection "gem" Feb 21, 2017
delayed_job_injection.rb RUBY-1130 Refactor DJ instrumentation to fix instrumentation for 2.x Jul 19, 2013
dependency_detection.rb RUBY-1669 reintegrate dependency detection "gem" Feb 21, 2017
environment_report.rb RUBY-1460 OpenSSL version in environment report Mar 31, 2015
helper.rb RUBY-1669 Remove 1.9 qualifier from comment, use Encoding::ASCII_8BIT… Feb 8, 2017
language_support.rb RUBY-1669 Remove Ruby 1.9 version check and now unused using_version?… Feb 8, 2017
latest_changes.rb update CHANGELOG.md link in release announcement emails May 25, 2017
local_environment.rb RUBY-1461 Uninitialized instance variable warnings May 14, 2015
metric_data.rb Fix warnings about instance variables not initialized Aug 1, 2016
metric_spec.rb RUBY-1644 Remove MetricSpec#sub Feb 14, 2017
metrics.rb Add license header to source files Feb 22, 2013
noticed_error.rb RUBY-1698 Clean up CollectionHelper Feb 24, 2017
rack.rb Marking Rack middlewares as public, since they are referenced in the … Oct 11, 2013
recipes.rb Add Capistrano 3 support for deployment notification task May 15, 2014
version.rb bump version, include test helper, changelog updates [ci skip] Aug 10, 2017