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Mongodb instrumentation by John Nunemaker

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+* Version 1.0.3
+ MongoDB instrumentation contributed by John Nunemaker
* Version 1.0.2
Improved Camping support
@@ -4,9 +4,22 @@ The `rpm_contrib` gem contains instrumentation for the New Relic RPM agent
contributed by the community of RPM users. It requires the RPM Agent
to run.
-To use the contrib gem, just install the `rpm_contrib` gem off gemcutter
-and add the gem dependency to your app, or just require rpm_contrib.
+To use the contrib gem, install the `rpm_contrib` gem off gemcutter. It will
+also install the required version of the `newrelic_rpm` gem if it's not
+already installed.
+For Rails 2.1 and later, add the dependency in your initializer:
+ config.gem 'rpm_contrib'
+For other frameworks, make sure you load rubygems if it isn't already, then
+just require the contrib gem:
+ require 'rubygems'
+ require 'rpm_contrib'
When you load the rpm_contrib gem, the `newrelic_rpm` gem will also be initialized.
+No need for a separate require statement for `newrelic_rpm`.
**It's important that you don't load the newrelic_rpm gem separately.** The
`rpm_contrib` gem must be loaded before the `newrelic_rpm` gem initializes.

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