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Since commit seancribbs/ripple@7026049 on ripple, rpm_contrib cannot instrument ripple correctly, module "InstanceMethods" has been removed from ripple to support rails 3.2

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Thanks for the pull request. I'll merge it.

We're planning to break up the monolithic rpm_contrib gem into a set of plugins that are specific to libraries (e.g. newrelic-ripple). We don't use ripple internally at New Relic, would you be willing to work with us to pull this into a separate gem like Evan Pheonix's newrelic-redis? (


Thanks for merging the patch, i think it is really a great idea to split of the rpm_contrib gem into specific to libraries. Unfortunately i'm not sure if i have the time to create a library for ripple and riak-client in the next weeks... on the other hand it should not take much time to create these gems. So lets see if i have some hours left in the next weeks.


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@stefan-mees For starters we're really just looking for someone to pull out the existing instrumentation and host it on their account. We could send you pull requests to make it more self standing. If you are interested shoot me an email at I think we could get things rolling without requiring a lot of work on your part.


@samg samg merged commit 6daf97b into newrelic:master Mar 22, 2012
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