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commit df03e9416440f965ea0006faa63e3839233465e6 1 parent 6459d9c
@cosmin cosmin authored
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5 beeswithmachineguns/
@@ -48,12 +48,12 @@ def parse_options():
report Report the status of the load testing servers.
- up_group = OptionGroup(parser, "up",
+ up_group = OptionGroup(parser, "up",
"""In order to spin up new servers you will need to specify at least the -k command, which is the name of the EC2 keypair to use for creating and connecting to the new servers. The bees will expect to find a .pem file with this name in ~/.ssh/.""")
# Required
up_group.add_option('-k', '--key', metavar="KEY", nargs=1,
- action='store', dest='key', type='string',
+ action='store', dest='key', type='string',
help="The ssh key pair name to use to connect to the new servers.")
up_group.add_option('-s', '--servers', metavar="SERVERS", nargs=1,
@@ -143,4 +143,3 @@ def parse_options():
def main():
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