Adding the ability to POST via an uploaded post document. #18

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Kinda hacky, but we had a requirement to test our soap services and there were some methods that required a POST.

And to clarify, this was the invocation:

$ bees attack -n 10 -c 1 -u -p ~/Desktop/sake_payload.xml -m 'application/soap+xml'

onyxfish commented Jul 28, 2011

Just fyi, I haven't forgotten about this. (Saw your blog post today about how your using it--awesome!) I've been mulling over whether I wanted to make any changes to it before I merge it in. In particular, I'm wondering if the solution is generic enough, and having never had a need to do this sort of testing, I'm mostly hypothesizing in the abstract.

Hey, no sweat. If you don't want it, that's cool. I just really dig what you've done and wanted to share back what we've done for our requirements.

This should totally get merged in! It's exactly what I need :-)

I agree, I've taken a peek at this repo a while ago but passed as I need this functionality for my testing. +1 for merge

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Adding the ability to POST via an uploaded post document.

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