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'attack' causes fork bomb in Windows #25

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The multiprocessing library needs special treatment in Windows, otherwise it causes a fork bomb. This is a known issue.
Bug description:

The best fix seems to be to wrap the main entry point in a name == 'main' check.
Fix description:

With this fix (and renaming bees to in my Scripts folder) I can happily cause destruction.

@onyxfish onyxfish merged commit b2775ff into newsapps:master

Ha! Thanks for the fix. I love this bug.


It was an awesome bug to encounter.

'bees up' worked like a charm. But once I tried 'attack', the trouble began. The output started as just a bunch of repetitions of "Read X bees.... Stinging URL..." but then the different processes would start to overlap each other "RRRead 4 bees from the roster.ead 4 bees Connecting to the hive.from the roster." Then my machine became unusable... Good times! :D


Tremendous, I'm glad to have a Windows tester to encounter these things for me. ;-)

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Commits on Feb 16, 2012
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from beeswithmachineguns import main
+if __name__ == '__main__':
+ main.main()
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