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Here's a quick hack to remove the fabric dependency and start in on a command line interface. My thinking is that it'd be a bit more unix-y to have a command structure like:

$ bees up 
$ bees attack -c 5
$ bees down

Word to the wise: my python's rusty, so there may be weirdo rubyisms in here. Also, it's irresponsible of me, but I haven't actually tested this, so it's really meant more as a gist than anything else.


Have you looked at argparse for command line parsing? Might work better with subcommands. It does add a dependency for python < 2.7, though.

Yeah I wrote it first with argparse but wanted to keep the bar low. It sucks though b/c of that gnarly conditional. Honestly Im not sure what the best practice is here --- it's been many moons since I played with snakes.

Ruby somehow manages to make this way easier than Python, sadly. Maybe I'll take a crack at it after the election.

Yeah, for what it's worth chris has merged this into a refactor branch:

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