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Chicago Crime

Sample app and documentation for the Chicago Tribune's Chicago Crime API.

Getting started with the Chicago Crime API

Read the API documentation

Before running queries, get the JSONView plugin for Chrome or Firefox

Sample queries:

Installing and using the front end app

This works for all browsers on OS X and most versions of Linux:

  • Clone this repository
  • Run python -m SimpleHTTPServer in the cloned directory
  • Visit http://localhost:8000 in your web browser.

Usage limits

Currently, during beta development, there are no usage limits. We will probably implement a threshold after the first official release.


The API is built on Tastypie, which lets us easily provide an API interface based on the Django models powering the Tribune's Chicago Crime site.

License and authors

Frontend created by David Eads and Andy Boyle.

Crime site and API created by Joe Germuska, David Eads, and Heather Billings.

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