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Project Management best practices

  • When to write a ticket
  • How to write a ticket
  • Circle up around tickets
  • Weekly reviews
  • Handling requests

Checklist for launching

  • Analytics (omniture, google analytics, chartbeat)
    • What is the section?
    • What site do the analytics roll in to?
  • Ad tags
    • What is the section
    • Responsive ads?
  • Share buttons (use Gigya)
  • Browser testing (IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
  • Device testing (Android mobile, tablet & iOS mobile, tablet)
  • Check open graph tags on every page
  • Check titles and meta descriptions on every page
  • Do we need site maps? For news projects
    • Discussion with web desk
    • Overline promo
    • Big member center promo For publishing projects
    • Get sign off from ad ops on ad map and implementation
    • Get sign off from the analytics team on omniture implementation

Support procedure

  • Contact list (private)

Coding best practices

  • Using pseudo-code comments
  • Always write a README
  • Keep code simple

Code standards for:

  • python (PEP8)
  • django (Project Layout)
  • Flask
  • HTML (Bootstrap)
    • CSS (sass/less?)
    • Javascript (CoffeeScript?)
    • PHP

When to use a Library, when to write yourself

  • Index of Libraries we use
  • How to look for and evaluate a Library
  • How to use an API (API wrapper template?)
  • Index of Libraries

Common tasks howtos/templates:

  • Analytics: Omniture, Google, Chartbeat

  • Share buttons (Gigya)

  • Header/footer

  • Documentation for graphics rig

  • Documentation of server rigs

  • Chicago Tribune Digital Design Guide