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The Chicago Tribune data and graphics department is looking for an intern.

You will join our team of reporters, programmers and visual journalists to create data-centered, digital stories for

The stories we tell are visual, digital and important to Chicago users. You will be expected to help make those.

Over your three months you will have the opportunity to team up with journalists from the team and elsewhere in the newsroom to create projects large and small. You will also have the leeway to work on your own ideas.

The best candidates will have a mix of these skills:

  • Enterprising reporting chops and an knack for stories
  • Enthusiastic programming skills (We use HTML/CSS, Javascript, node and git and all manner of tools to report, clean, analyze and present data)
  • Expansive visual instincts and ideas

Interested, please reach out:

Jonathon Berlin,, 312-222-3508