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Position: Senior News Applications Developer

The Chicago Tribune data visualization team is looking for a senior news applications developer. We are Chicagoland’s dominant news organization, a fast-moving and vital place to do journalism.


We are focused on using data to tell the most important Chicago stories. Our group reports, analyzes, conceptualizes and builds news applications, maps, charts and diagrams. We study our users and develop stories that fit our newsroom’s mission to stand up for the community, share the Chicago experience and help people navigate their daily lives. We play a dual role, developing stories of our own, but also supporting the best stories from the newsroom. Our work spans data analysis that feeds reporting to overall digital story design.

You’ll work with our versatile visuals team to use and develop new story forms and tools. You’ll be instrumental in developing one of the best news platforms in Chicago and the Midwest.

Our newsroom offers a competitive salary and benefits, flexible schedule, a newsroom and management team deeply committed in digital storytelling and creative freedom to explore the stories most important to our audience.

We want our newsroom to look more like the city that we serve. If you’re a person from a group that’s underrepresented in engineering or journalism, we really want to see your application!

This is a Chicago-based job.

Skills and requirements

  • We are looking for an senior-level programmer and journalist with at least five years of experience. The ideal candidate has a combination of visual creativity, developer experience and news instinct.
  • Full-stack experience preferred.
  • Most of our utility libraries, data processing pipelines, publishing tools and web applications are written in Python, so familiarity with that is important. If you’re more fluent in another multi-paradigm language such as Ruby or R, that’s ok too, but you should be willing to pick up Python. Familiarity with Python web frameworks such as Django or Flask is very valued.
  • On the frontend, you should be strong in writing semantic HTML, CSS and have a deep knowledge of JavaScript. You should be familiar with the libraries we use for visualization such as d3 and Leaflet, but be able to write code using pure JavaScript. Experience with JavaScript application frameworks such as Node is a plus.
  • We are looking for an open-source mindset based on a philosophy of creating reusable components and clear documentation. We are not looking to only tell great stories but also to make tools that can be used by more and more of our journalists.

For more information and to apply

Contact data and graphics editor Jonathon Berlin,, or 312-222-3508.

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