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Has never worked for me #2

stevevance opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Not on Refine 1.x nor Refine 2.x.

The "Working..." dialog box will run forever. Mac's Activity Monitor shows no CPU activity related to Java or Refine.

Any clues as to what's happening?

I installed it in the directory that appears when I click "Browse workspace directory".


Steve, an update shortly after we wrote this plugin broke it. Neither Joe nor myself has had the inclination to fix it. I'm not sure if anyone else has written a stats plugin for Refine, but unless we come up with a need for it I doubt either of us is going to wade back into Java-land. Sorry. /c

@onyxfish onyxfish closed this

Can you backtrack on the update?


I'm not sure what you mean by backtrack?


Was there an update in your code or an update in Refine that broke it?


Seems a bit odd to close this bug, honestly. If this is a public project, presumably someone will get around to fixing it eventually, even if not the original authors. It seems to have been mirrored on the OpenRefine organization, and it seems like a useful enough plugin that someone will want it eventually (as I do now).


@copumpkin Sure, it's possible, but this is/was a very simple plugin and the plugin architecture changed entirely, so anyone wanting to make this work would surely be better off starting from scratch.


I think I fixed it. It works for me in OpenRefine (previously known as Google Refine).
You can get it here (I forked the repository):

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