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Example of sending a private message to a user
- check that they aren't blocked
- handoff to mailgun via send_simple_message
public function sendPrivateMessage($from,$subject,$body,$to) {
$mg = new Mailgun();
// check that either user is not blocked
if (!Block::model()->isBlocked($to->id,$from['id'])) {
// remove !private command if present
$body= ltrim(str_ireplace('!private','',$body)).$this->private_mail_footer;
// anonymize the from address
$fromAddr = getUserFullName($from['id']).' <u_'.$from['eid'].'@'.Yii::app()->params['mail_domain'].'>';
} else {
// send error message
$mg->send_simple_message($from['email'],'Sorry, we\'re not able to deliver that message.','We are unable to deliver private messages to this recipient. If you have any questions, please contact us '.Yii::app()->baseUrl.'/site/contact');
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