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These instructions have proven useful for setting up on OS X Snow Leopard
* Create a Facebook application for testing
* Set up Local Facebook Development
Register and set up a dynamic DNS e.g. to point to your development box
for more info see
* Set up your source code tree
e.g. git clone
* duplicate facebooker.yml.sample to facebooker.yml
add a facebook app to
configure facebooker.yml
duplicate database.yml.sample to database.yml
edit database.yml
create database rsmt_development
cd /usr/local/mysql/bin
sudo ./mysql -uroot -p
rake n2:db:convert_and_create_database
ruby script/server -p 8858
Delete socket: from database.yml
Edit ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile, look for the export PATH="………" line, and the very end change it so you have /usr/local/mysql/bin on it.
If you don't have a path variable set, then you want to add:
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/mysql/bin
Then you need to reload your bashrc file with: source ~/.bashrc and you should be good to go.