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Joe Van Dyk and others added some commits Feb 26, 2012

Joe Van Dyk multisite 1ca34e2
Joe Van Dyk add postgresql schema ee91276
Joe Van Dyk Added N2::CurrentSite to few missing models 0f1333e
Joe Van Dyk Added missing site_id to item_scores c28bd23
Joe Van Dyk More sql cleanup 7e55f02
@chewbranca chewbranca Adding back in admin routes 531e4ad
@chewbranca chewbranca Switching rand() to random() b0ae7b6
@chewbranca chewbranca Updating votes for broken group by query 3c378f0
Joe Van Dyk Insert rows into external_auth_sites. da1b404
Joe Van Dyk Scope slugs as well! b8eaec9
Joe Van Dyk Update the sequences values to the max c5bb0e7
Joe Van Dyk Merge branch 'multisite' of into multisite 3893892
Joe Van Dyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'newscloud/multisite' into multisite 98e9365
Joe Van Dyk Added composite_primary_keys gem, comment out broken query 5656392
Joe Van Dyk Added (ugly) admin interface for external auth methods.
rake n2:setup works now.
Joe Van Dyk Update travis config b262325
Joe Van Dyk Use a table check instead of a foreign key to ensure correct site_typ…
…e in external_auth_keys
Joe Van Dyk Oops bee011b
Joe Van Dyk Continuation of removing external_auth_sites table a5b66af
Joe Van Dyk Postgresql fix in prediction_question dd54208
Joe Van Dyk One more sql fix in the prediction_question view bfa8d49
Joe Van Dyk uniqueness scope should be per site 7f9254f
Joe Van Dyk multisite migration updates c1688d7
Joe Van Dyk Rmoving some of the APP_CONFIG junk 1b42918
Joe Van Dyk Create site if none exists fa4786a
Joe Van Dyk Add db/development_structure.sql to .gitignore 7f5d06f
Joe Van Dyk Fix broken sql, fixed sorting errors in tests 53107a3
Joe Van Dyk Added few more things to acceptance tests 7d5d1d0
Joe Van Dyk remove plpgsql, travis-ci freaks out fa21d82
Joe Van Dyk Tell travis to create the test db a2e850d
Joe Van Dyk see if changing test db name fixes travis-ci errors 69472b2
Joe Van Dyk add rake to Gemfile 31b1adc
Joe Van Dyk not sure why this fails on travis-ci b233e6f
Joe Van Dyk wip 3c137b9
Joe Van Dyk Make resque workers work with multisite 6aaf642
@chewbranca chewbranca Update resque scheduler initialization 411c482
Joe Van Dyk Added Resque.before_fork to connect to AR in forked processes 36cc94c
Joe Van Dyk few more sql and worker fixes 7482c78
Joe Van Dyk Swapped order of resque enqueue methods 437c5ff
Joe Van Dyk Use imageurl instead of imageUrl ecb6977
Joe Van Dyk Maybe fix base_site_url 6194dbe
Joe Van Dyk fix mapUrl 0359bd0
Joe Van Dyk Fix mapUrl/twitterName case bugs 4c4a8cf
Joe Van Dyk Merge newscloud/master be99c4f
Joe Van Dyk Added form for creating a new site 051b044
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