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Newscoop API JS-SDK

Newscoop is the open content management system for professional journalists.

Features for the modern newsroom include multiple author management, issue-and-section based publishing, geolocation and multilingual content management. The enterprise-standard journalist’s dashboard and a templating engine supporting anything from HTML5 to mobile complete this fast production and publishing system.

This library allows for access to Newscoop REST API (codename gimme).


<script src="newscoop.js"></script>


var api = new NewscoopRestApi('');

api.getResource('/articles', {'type': 'news'})
    .setOrder({'number': 'asc'})
        // callback

More Information

Sdk makes XMLHttpRequest to apiEndpoint, make sure that apiEndpoint have your host in "access-control-allow-origin" response header.

Read the Newscoop REST API documentation for more information.


Newscoop API JS-SDK is licensed under the GPL3 license.

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