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How can a developer help The New York Times newsroom?

Who We Are

We are a software development team embedded within The New York Times newsroom. We work on behind-the-scenes technology, collaborating with teams that handle data, graphics and unique design presentations. We build tools for reporters, editors and designers as well as special projects for our readers. We run experiments as well as guide, train and support the use of these tools.

Our goal is to apply software engineering as a newsroom craft towards:

  • Bringing our readers stories they can’t get anywhere else
  • Helping the wider newsroom see and pursue stories we wouldn’t otherwise be able to
  • Making the seemingly impossible story possible

The Team (alphabetical order)

Current Projects

Self-service newsroom tools that allow our reporters and editors to publish highly interactive work on their own:

Reporting tools to help our newsroom drill deeper into beats and make unexpected connections:

  • An internal campaign finance database feeding stories and graphics.
  • The secure, encrypted and anonymous tip-collection system at
  • A “zoo of bots” 🦓🐯💻🤖 to alert reporters to newly posted data or changed data on the web.
  • Continued support since 2011 for the The Guantánamo Docket, one of the longest-lived public news applications.

Tools to create more direct and meaningful newsroom/reader interactions including:

Scalable data pipelines to support major event coverage including:

Experiments with new technologies

Collaborations with Graphics and The Upshot

Infrastructure to support operations for newsroom developers across Interactive News, NYT Graphics and NYT News Design.

Our Partners

We collaborate closely with NYT Graphics, our Computer-Assisted Reporting (CAR) desk, NYT News Design, The Upshot and the NYT technology department.

Stay In Touch

The Interactive News team at The New York Times is always looking to connect with creative, interdisciplinary thinkers with strong technical backgrounds.

If you're interested, please fill out our contact form. You may receive a note from us occasionally.

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