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elex-admin is a lightweight, Flask-based CRUD admin for election results data loaded with elex-loader and elex.

Getting started

  • Set up software and environment.
git clone && cd elex-admin
mkvirtualenv elex-admin
pip install -r py3.requirements.txt

Add a new racedate to the admin

  • Duplicate the most recent racedate.ini file in elex_admin/. Name it with your new racedate.
  • In that file, increment the http-socket port by 1 (eg. ->
  • Edit elex_admin/races.conf: Duplicate the last location {} object and change the racedate and proxy_pass port number to match the settings in the .ini file you just made.
  • Then run these commands:
workon elex-admin
fab e:stg master pull
fab e:prd master pull

You'll then want to go run the elex-dotfiles commands to turn on the new racedate in the admin.

Running the admin

  • This project requires Adcom for its theme. You can deploy Adcom to a CDN like Amazon S3 and then specify the root of the URL in an environment variable.
export RACEDATE=2016-02-01
  • Run, and from elex-loader.

  • Run python elex_admin/ to set up candidates and races for overrides.

  • Run the admin.

python -m

See all races for a racedate


Edit candidate information and make race calls