A wrapper for the AP v2 Elections API.
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Get database-ready election results from the Associated Press Election API v2.0.

Elex is designed to be fast, friendly, and largely agnostic to stack/language/database choice. Basic usage is as simple as:

elex results 2016-03-01 > results.csv

Important links


Elex was developed by The New York Times and NPR and not in concert with the Associated Press. Though we plan on using Elex for the 2016 cycle, there is no guarantee that this software will work for you. If you're thinking about using Elex, check out the license and contact the authors.

Elex projects and implementations


  • NPR loader: A simple reference data loader for PostgreSQL.

New York Times



Using the FTP system?

Use the Los Angeles Times' python-elections library.

The New York Times has a sample implementation that demonstrates how you might integrate the FTP loader with your Elex-based system.