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The SocialNews code base is an open sourced version of the platform. Please visit to see the NewsTrust reviewing platform.
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SocialNews Version 1.0

General Information, License, and Credits

Prepared by NewsTrust Communications on August 26, 2011

The SocialNews code base is an open source version of the platform. 

This open source code is licensed by NewsTrust Communications under the terms of the
Berkeley Software Distribution ("BSD") license. 

Please read LICENSE for the full text of the licensing terms.

Please read docs/README_FOR_APP for setting up the app and deploying it.

The file named CREDITS has information about the contributors to this project.

About NewsTrust
NewsTrust Communications is a nonprofit organization that helps people find good
journalism online, so they can make more informed decisions as citizens. 

Our social news site,, features a daily feed of quality news and
opinions from mainstream and independent sources, based on ratings from our reviewers.
NewsTrust's web review tools enable the public to evaluate accuracy, fairness,
context and other core journalistic principles -- and help people become more
discerning news consumers in the process. To find out more about NewsTrust, visit
our site:

NewsTrust also offers a range of consulting services to organizations that wish to
help their communities become better informed and more engaged about public issues.
For example, NewsTrust provides development services to help your organization adapt
this SocialNews code to create your own social news site. 

To inquire about our partner services, email us at <>.

For general feedback or to inquire about our technical issues, email us at

To find out more about this open source project, check this blog post: 

From time to time, we will post updates on this page about this project. 
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