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title: Deliria
playwright: Daniel Morris
student_written: true
period: Spring
season: External
season_sort: 200
date_start: 2019-02-04
date_end: 2019-02-05
venue: New Theatre

- role: Jenny
name: Emma Collingwood
- role: John
name: Oliver Binns
- role: McAfree
name: Matteo Bagaini
- role: Greg / Bill
name: Eric Crouch
- role: Victoria
name: Alice Walker

- role: Director
name: Daniel Morris
- role: Producer
name: Isabelle Cadwallader
- role: Technical Director
name: Izzy de Bono
- role: Lighting Designer
name: Nadia Elalfi
- role: Sound Designer
name: Yasmine Dankwah
- role: Technical Assistant
name: Nathan Penney
- role: Videographer
name: Bertie Beeching
- role: Technical Operator
name: Emma Barber
- role: Technical Operator
name: Callum Walker
- role: Technical Operator
name: Joe Strickland
- role: Technical Operator
name: Luwa Adebanjo
- role: Stage Manager
name: Jess Donn
- role: Stage Manager
name: Gabriella Teriaca
- role: Stage Manager
name: William Hopwood
- role: Stage Manager
name: Emily Grote

- type: poster
image: c8fpzB9

prod_shots: vk6JVJ

'In an urban future, Jenny works as a scam saleswoman in order to provide for her lazy and emotionally reserved brother. She is offered an incredible work opportunity, but one that would require her to live alone. What is the role of family, as our own society places a greater focus on individuality and self-improvement? Is it right to cut out toxic relationships or can bridges between family never be broken?'

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