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# A script that executes the Newton GWC Registration lottery. The input is
# a (cleaned -- see CSV file representing the lottery
# entries. It runs the lottery on first time and/or returning students,
# assigning to two sections of size N each.
# It runs the following algorithm until 2*N entrants are assigned:
# * draw the next entrant
# * if entrant can go to only one section, assign them to that section if it is still open.
# * else, if entrant can go to either section, defer making an assignment until
# one section fills, then assign that entrant to the other section.
# If neither section fills up but the limit of 2*N entrants is reached
# (including both assignments and deferred decisions), output the 3 lists:
# assigned-A, assigned-B, flexible. The let's the staff make the final
# assignments of flexible entrants to optimize age distribution and special
# cases (e.g. siblings assigned to different/same section)
# If either section fills up, all the deferrals are assigned to the
# remaining open section before the next entrant is drawn. When the global
# limit is reached, output 2 lists: assigned-A and assigned-B.
# The entrants are drawn randomly by shuffling the (timestamp-ordered)
# input using Python's random.shuffle() routine, and a random seed. The
# random seed can be provided at the command line (for reproducibility /
# testing) or can be taken from the system.
# Usage: --section_limit N [--returning | --firsttime] --seed R --response_filename <filename>
# Author: David Miller, 2016
import csv
import random
import sys
import argparse
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('--section_limit', type=int)
parser.add_argument('--seed', help='Seed to random generator. If not set, users system seed', type=int)
parser.add_argument('--returning', help='Specify this to include returning participants', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--firsttime', help='Specify this to include first-time participants', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--response_filename', help='Name of the CSV file containing the lottery entries')
args = parser.parse_args()
FLAGS = vars(args)
# print "limit: %d" % FLAGS['section_limit']
# print "returning: %r" % FLAGS['returning']
# print "first-time: %r" % FLAGS['firsttime']
section_limit = FLAGS['section_limit']
# response_filename = '/Users/drm/Downloads/Lottery sample input - Sheet1.csv'
# response_filename = '/Users/drm/Downloads/Newton Girls Who Code Club 2016-2017 Registration (Responses) - Form Responses 1.csv'
response_filename = FLAGS['response_filename']
csv_file = open(response_filename, 'rb')
reader = csv.DictReader(csv_file)
# Simple accessor methods for lottery entries
def first_name(entry):
return entry["Child's first name"]
def last_name(entry):
return entry["Child's last name"]
def available_tuesday(entry):
response = entry["Which sections are you entering the lottery for (you'll be assigned to at most one)?"]
return 'T' in response
def available_friday(entry):
response = entry["Which sections are you entering the lottery for (you'll be assigned to at most one)?"]
return 'F' in response
def returning_student(entry):
response = entry["Are you a returning Newton GWC Club member?"]
return response == 'Yes'
def available_both_days(entry):
return available_tuesday(entry) and available_friday(entry)
entries = []
for entry in reader:
if ((returning_student(entry) and FLAGS['returning']) or
(not returning_student(entry) and FLAGS['firsttime'])):
if FLAGS['seed']:
accepted_tuesday = []
accepted_friday = []
accepted_flexible = []
drawn_after_full = []
def section_open(accepted_list):
return len(accepted_list) < section_limit
def total_accepted():
return len(accepted_tuesday) + len(accepted_friday) + len(accepted_flexible)
def to_string(entry):
return ' '.join([first_name(entry), last_name(entry)])
def print_entry_list(entry_list):
for entry in entry_list:
print to_string(entry)
def print_lottery_result():
print "\nAll done! Here are the results."
print "\nAccepted Tuesday (%d): " % len(accepted_tuesday)
print "\nAccepted Friday (%d): " % len(accepted_friday)
print "\nAccepted flexible (%d): " % len(accepted_flexible)
print "\nDrawn after full (%d): " % len(drawn_after_full)
print "\nNever drawn (%d): " % len(entries)
# Phase 1 -- put entrants in their sole-available section, or accept them but be flexible if they are.
print "\nStarting Phase 1"
while (section_open(accepted_tuesday) and section_open(
accepted_friday) and total_accepted() < 2 * section_limit and entries):
entry = entries.pop()
print "\nDrew entry: %s" % to_string(entry)
if available_both_days(entry):
print "Keeping, flexible."
elif available_friday(entry):
print "Assigned to Friday"
elif available_tuesday(entry):
print "Assigned to Tuesday"
print "Error! Entry %s had no valid availability" % to_string(entry)
# If we have enough flexibility that neither section was
# individually over-subscribed, print the three lists to allow Newton
# GWC Staff to distribute the flexible students to make a good balance
# of ages in each section. We're done.
if total_accepted() == 2 * section_limit or not entries:
print "\nStarting Phase 2"
# Phase 2 -- one section filled up with entrants who have no
# flexibility. Move all the flexible ones to the other section.
underfull_section = None
if section_open(accepted_tuesday) and not section_open(accepted_friday):
print "Friday section filled up! Assigning flexibles to Tuesday."
accepted_flexible = []
underfull_section = "tuesday"
elif section_open(accepted_friday) and not section_open(accepted_tuesday):
print "Tuesday section filled up! Assigning flexibles to Friday."
accepted_flexible = []
underfull_section = "friday"
print "Error! Exited initial phase of the lottery without filling all slots and without filling either section."
# Phase 3 fill it out remaining section with additional draws from the pool.
print "\nStarting Phase 3"
while total_accepted() < 2 * section_limit and entries:
entry = entries.pop()
print "\nDrew entry: %s" % to_string(entry)
if available_both_days(entry):
if underfull_section == "tuesday":
print "Assigned to Tuesday"
elif underfull_section == "friday":
print "Assigned to Friday"
print "Error! Invalid value for underfull section"
elif available_friday(entry) and underfull_section == "friday":
print "Assigned to Friday"
elif available_tuesday(entry) and underfull_section == "tuesday":
print "Assigned to Tuesday"
print "Can't assign! Only available for full section"
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