for testing experimental sequence algorithms to recognize user/machine input
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Sketch Recognition

A testing ground for various sequence matching algorithms.

Please see the demo.


A simple list to keep myself reminded.


☑ User/Web prototype for free data input

  • Make 2D drawing generally accessible to algorithms, by substituting plane/space coordinates to discrete angular information.
  • Use the advantage of not caring about initial input rotation or continous input sampling or scale.

Explanation so far

red: user drawn path

blue: delayed projection at every node of path

(turquoise: distance between nodes)


  • Fully implement multi-dimensional featureset.

☐ Record matchable patterns

☐ Write sequence matching algorithm: DTW

  • "walking" approach (online, dynamic programming, no matrices)
  • "accelerated" approach (skip overweighted values)
  • "multisample" approach (fuzzy detection)

☐ Consider other algorithms

  • LCS

☐ Output and status reports

  • offline - website / html
  • online - SOAP, JSON