Example modular AS3 application using Robotlegs
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AS3 Modular RobotLegs Example

This is an example AS3 application using robotlegs and Joel Hooks fork of the modularity utility. Architecture

The example demonstrates architecture to divide the code base into distinct functional areas that can be developed and tested independently as detailed on the Adobe wiki Creating Functional Areas.

Modules used in this example are not the same as Spark (Flex) modules, they simply seperate a functional area into its own package. The approach taken in this example for loading modules is one of many potential solutions and may not be the optimal method. TDD

Also included are corresponding Unit Tests using AsUnit 4 which should easily be translated to FlexUnit if so desired. Test coverage examples include views, mediators, commands, models, etc with tips and tricks from the ActionScript Developer's Guide to Robotlegs which I thoroughly recommend. Libraries

Libraries used within the example include As3 Signals for messaging and Mockolate / Hamcrest for mocking within the Unit Tests. IDE

I built the application using IntelliJ IDEA but also included the necessary files to compile with ProjectSprouts.

IntelliJ IDEA project setting screenshots are linked below:

Project Sprouts environment settings are:

  • ruby 1.9.2p274
  • flashsdk (1.0.29.pre)
  • rake (0.9.2)
  • sprout (1.1.15.pre)


Its with thanks to Stray for help and guidance on the architecture, tests and module loading tips. More Info

Please visit my site for further tutorials.