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Logging application for flex/flash applications thats been fiddling round for ages on my computer....
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  • Store logs to an LSO.
  • Send logs to a Beaver AIR app (holla at me for this).
  • Generates a log report.
  • Can opt in or out of sending to flash console i.e. trace.
  • Uses a unique key for all handshakes.
  • Offers a channel to handle Error/Fatal events within your app.

How to create and send logs:

  • Create a unique key starting with an underscore i.e. _123456. Using this key will help prevent anonymous users reading your application logs.

  • Send a reference to your app instance to assign a handler for dispatched ERROR/FATAL events. I simply set root to a static var in the main app (or if using Flex simply use FlexGlobals.topLevelApplication).

  • Create a class to send logs e.g.

      import com.newtriks.logging.core.BeaverTrunk;
      public class BeaverLog {
           * Constructor expects a unique key for the application
           * and a flag to send all output to the flash console.
           * @param key:String
           * @param app:Object
           * @param outputToConsole:Boolean (default = true)
          private static var trunk:BeaverTrunk = new BeaverTrunk("_123456", Example.root);
          public static function send(message:String, sender:Object, level:int = 4):void {
              trunk.saveNewLog(message, sender, level);
  • BeaverLog.send( message, dispatching class, LogEventLevel );

    • BeaverLog.send("Gnaw a log or two", this);
    • BeaverLog.send("The whole tree fell!", this, LogEventLevel.FATAL);

How to make further use of ERROR/FATAL logs:

  • Within your app you can add an event listener to your top level application and then manage all these events from there. For example, if a service is down you could send a LogEventLevel.Error log and your application could transition to an error state.

      override public function onRegister():void {
      	// Robotlegs example in ApplicationMediator
      	eventMap.mapListener(view, BeaverEvent.ERROR, onBeaverEvent);
      private function onBeaverEvent(event:BeaverEvent):void {
      	// Dispatch and let application handle
          globalErrorSignal.dispatch(event.errorMessage, event.sender, event.level);

How to generate log reports:

  • Create an app that makes use of the unique application key i.e. validate key in a handshake method.

  • Connect to Beaver var beaver:BeaverTrunk = new BeaverTrunk("_123456", Example.root);

  • Grab the logs var logs:Vector.<com.newtriks.logging.values.Log> = beaver.logs;

  • Generate the log report var report:String =;

Heads up to Stray cos I skanked some tasty code bits from her solMailBox repos!

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