Flash video player constructed using and following logic applied by MinimalComps
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PlayaHater code examples

Simply provide the following parameters

  • Parent container that the player will be loaded into e.g. this
  • X position of the player within its parent container.
  • Y position of the player within its parent container.
  • Name of the media file to load, this is a String within an Array. If the media is to be played progressively then use the full file path and extension e.g. 'http://example-nonstreaming.com/mymovie.flv', alternatively if the media is streamed for example via Flash Media Server then simply provide the file name e.g. 'mymovie'.
  • URL parameter to be supplied if the media content is to be streamed e.g. path to server application: 'rtmp://example-streaming.com/app/'. If the content is to be played progressively then simply leave as an empty string.
  • Log function name e.g. protected function logHandlerMethod(msg:String):void{};.
  • Autoplay Boolean.
  • ObjectEncoding for the NetConnection (please read: http://goo.gl/RESQ4).


new PlayaHater(this, 0, 0, [mymovie], 'rtmp://example-streaming.com/app/', logHandlerMethod, true, ObjectEncoding.AMF0);


new PlayaHater(this, 0, 0, ['http://media.newtriks.com/flvs/lif.flv']);

Full running examples with source code