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PlayaHater code examples

Simply provide the following parameters

  • Parent container that the player will be loaded into e.g. this
  • X position of the player within its parent container.
  • Y position of the player within its parent container.
  • Name of the media file to load, this is a String within an Array. If the media is to be played progressively then use the full file path and extension e.g. '', alternatively if the media is streamed for example via Flash Media Server then simply provide the file name e.g. 'mymovie'.
  • URL parameter to be supplied if the media content is to be streamed e.g. path to server application: 'rtmp://'. If the content is to be played progressively then simply leave as an empty string.
  • Log function name e.g. protected function logHandlerMethod(msg:String):void{};.
  • Autoplay Boolean.
  • ObjectEncoding for the NetConnection (please read:


new PlayaHater(this, 0, 0, [mymovie], 'rtmp://', logHandlerMethod, true, ObjectEncoding.AMF0);


new PlayaHater(this, 0, 0, ['']);

Full running examples with source code

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