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A Kdb/Q kernel for Jupyter
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A Jupyter kernel for Kdb/q

No other dependencies beides Jupyter and Q. Easy setup.

It is probably very rough around the edges, but seems to work. Please report any issues you end up having.

Other Existing Kernels


  • Multiline support Should be done now
  • Image support?
  • Code cleanup
  • Implementing code completion.
  • Testing (I doubt k support currently works)
  • Pip/Conda publication


This requires IPython 3. Note that q must be in your path and $QHOME must be correctly defined.

python -m kdbq_kernel.install

To make sure it is installed:

jupyter kernelspec list

To use it, run one of:

jupyter notebook
# In the notebook interface, select Kdb/Q from the 'New' menu
jupyter qtconsole --kernel kdbq
jupyter console --kernel kdbq

More Info

More information of Kdb and Q:

For more details on how this works, also see:


This kernel is heavily/entirely based on the Bash Kernel by takluyver.

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