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The core code and supporting framework for the NewUp utility.
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NewUp Core

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NewUp is a command line utility that makes creating packages quick, easy and universal. NewUp attempts to make creating packages for every programming language, framework, platform, etc as painless as possible. Just because NewUp is written in PHP, does not mean generated packages have to be PHP.

What Is This Repository?

This repository contains the core framework and utilities for the NewUp Command Line Utility. This is where you want to be if you are interested in how NewUp works under the hood. If you simply want to install NewUp for general usage you should head on over to where you will find installation and configuration instructions.

For example, in this repository you will find the code behind the template engine (built around Twig), the package template storage engine (utilizes Composer), the directory generator and many other components.

Playground Examples

The newup-playground GitHub organization contains various examples of package templates implemented using NewUp. Here is a list of examples (the list may not be exhaustive):

Playground Description
newup-playground/alpha Demonstrates that NewUp can load package template dependencies.
newup-playground/disco PHP implementation of kayladnls/disco using NewUp.
newup-playground/workbench Recreates Laravel 4's workbench functionality using NewUp.

It is easy to install any of the playground templates. To install a playground package template when testing newup/core use the following command:

php newup.php template:install <playground-name>

To install a playground package template when testing newup/newup issue the following command instead:

php newup template:install <playground-name>


The NewUp Core is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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