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The API endpoint is


GET /search?drug=<drug strings>&location=<location string>

returns JSON object with fields:

  • drug-id: integer, the drug being searched
  • other-drugs: [ array of objects { id: integer, name: string } ]
  • pharmacies: [ array of objects {pharmacy-id: integer, pharmacy-name: string, pharmacy-address: string, pharmacy-phone: string} ]
  • known: boolean (whether the drug is known or not)

The array of pharmacies is ranked by proximity / availability


GET /drug/<Int (drug-id)>/at/<Int (pharmacy-id)>/available

returns JSON object with fields

  • probability: float, likelihood it will be available (algorithm TBD)
  • last_seen: date, in seconds after epoch in UTC-0
  • last_seen_by_pharmacist: date, in seconds after epoch in UTC-0

POST /drug/<Int (drug-id)>/at/<Int (pharmacy-id)>/available?by-pharmacist=(0|1)

post a 1 or a 0

returns HTTP 200 on success


POST /pharmacy

JSON object with fields:

  • name
  • address
  • phone
  • lat
  • long

returns Int (pharmacy-id)

POST /drug

JSON object with fields:

  • name: string

returns Int (drug-id)


GET /pharmacy/<Int (pharmacy-id)>

return JSON object with fields:

  • name
  • address
  • phone
  • drugs: [ array of <Int (drug-id)> ]


GET /drug/<Int (drug-id)>

return JSON object with fields:

  • name
  • last_requested

GET /drug/requested

returns a JSON array of drug-id for the top-N (30?) most recently requested drugs



  • DrugDoc (id, doc)
  • PharmaDoc (id, doc)
  • DrugNames (name, drug_id)
  • DrugNameParts (part, drug_id)
  • DrugRequests (drug_id, when_requested, location_lat, location_long)
  • PharmaLoc (pharma_id, lat, long)
  • Searches (search_str, when_requested)
  • Availabilities (pharma_id, drug_id, availability, when_updated, by_pharmacist)


"Doc" is unnormalized (json doc) "Parts" will be character 3 grams "Loc" is gps location. We need the correction factor for Vancouver as don't want to install a GIS

Data sources

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