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Open Data BC Hackathon 2018 Project. ineedmymeds crowdsources information about medication availability from different pharmacies.

Why this is needed?

  • Medication shortages happen all the time.
  • There’s no way to predict these shortages
  • What happens if you need a medication but it’s not available in your pharmacy?
    • The pharmacy calls the nearest X pharmacies to see if anyone has it
    • It's unrealistic for your pharmacy to call the hundreds of other pharmacies in the city so the patient is left without access to that medication

Built With

  • Flask - Our backend API is a Flask App which responds to requests in JSON
  • React.js - Our front end is a React.js app that communicates with the Flask API.

Setting up the database

The open source datasets that we use. Download them here: * BC After Hours Pharmacies List * Free Drugs Database

cat create_db.sql | sqlite3 ineedmy.db
(venv) python data/ /usr/share/freemedforms/datapacks/appinstalled/drugs/master.db ./ineedmy.db
(venv) python data/
python data/ data/pharmacies_list.csv ineedmy.db  

Installing Dependencies


(venv) pip3 install -r requirements.txt


npm install

Start the App


(venv) python


npm run start


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