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Yugster API Documentation

Getting started

Yugster API requires a minimum of one mandatory header.

  1. Authorization - Authentication request header.


Yugster API needs to be authenticated using a token.

You can obtain a token by contacting us through email admin@yugster.com


Response will be in the JSON format.


Status Code Descriptions
2xx Success
4xx Bad request sent to server
5xx Server side error
Status Code Description
200 Success The request was successfully completed.
401 Unauthorized (Invalid Token) Request was rejected because of invalid Token.
404 URL Not Found The URL you've sent is wrong.
500 Server encountered an error which prevents it from fulfilling the request. We recommend you to contact us at admin@yugster.com if you receive this error.


List of all Deals

GET /api/deals

Request example:

curl -H "Authorization: Token token=your-token" https://www.yugster.com/api/deals


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8







                "url":                  "https://www.yugster.com/daily-deal/77947-pet-carrier-travel-bag-for-small-or-medium-animals-3-colors",

                "title":                "Pet Carrier Travel Bag for Small or Medium Animals – 3 Colors",

                "description":          "<p class=\"p1\">Now you … Until Gone!</span></p>",
                "features":     	"<p><strong>What's in the… Warranty</li>\r\n</ul>",

                "listing_image_thumb":  "https://img.yugster.com/uploads/image/image/103067/listing\_BFLEDS.jpg",

                "listing_image":        "https://img.yugster.com/uploads/image/image/103067/BFLEDS.jpg",
                "category":     	"Pet Carriers & Crates",
                "full_category":  	"Animals & Pet Supplies > Pet Supplies > Pet Carriers & Crates",






                                "title":	"Pet Carrier Travel Bag f…3 Colors Green - Medium",
                                "name": 	"Green - Medium",
                                "vendor_sku":	"15003689",
                                "quantity":	"more than 15",
                                "price":	9.97,
                                "image":	"https://img.yugster.com/uploads/image/image/119541/Green.jpg"
                                "title":	"Pet Carrier Travel Bag for Small or Medium Animals – 3 Colors Blue - Small",
                                "name": 	"Blue - Small",
                                "vendor_sku":	"15003687",
                                "quantity":	"more than 15",
                                "price":	9.97,
                                "image":	"https://img.yugster.com/…e/image/119540/Blue.jpg",





The pagination information will be included in the list API response under the root node. By default first page will be listed. For navigating through pages, use the page parameter. The per_page parameter is listed in root node and is set to 100 by default. No option to change this parameter.


curl -H "Authorization: Token token=your-token" https://www.yugster.com/api/deals?page=2


  deals_count: 1756,

  page: 2,

  per_page: 100,

  deals: {...}