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#ifndef __playlist_h
#define __playlist_h
#include <glib.h>
extern GList *playlist;
extern GList *playlist_current;
typedef struct PlaylistItem {
guint use_path;
gchar *main_path;
gchar **paths;
} PlaylistItem;
#define MAIN_PATH(item) (((PlaylistItem*)(item))->main_path)
#define PATH(item) (((PlaylistItem*)(item))->paths \
#define LISTITEM(it) ((PlaylistItem*)(it->data))
void playlist_append_single (const gchar *path);
void playlist_append_alternatives (const gchar *path, gchar *const* alts);
void playlist_replace_path (guint num, const gchar *path);
/* re-create the random ordering */
void playlist_rerandomize ();
void playlist_advance (gint num, gboolean loop);
void playlist_seek (gint num);
void playlist_clear ();
void playlist_remove (gint num);
/* before = -1 to move to the end of the list */
void playlist_move (gint num, gint before);
void playlist_next_alternative ();
void playlist_fail ();
void playlist_dump ();
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