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# An example hook script that is called after a successful
# commit is made.
# To enable this hook, make this file executable.
echo 'Compiling Emacs autoloads and byte-compiling Elisp...'
emacs --batch --eval '
(let ((make-backup-files nil)
(generated-autoload-file "~/.elisp/my-loaddefs.el")
(byte-compile-warnings nil)
(byte-compile-verbose nil)
(noninteractive t)
(dirs '\''("~/.elisp/ocaml" "~/.elisp/auctex/preview" "~/.elisp/auctex"
"~/.elisp/haskell-mode" "~/.elisp"))
(load-only-dirs '\''("~/.elisp/nxhtml" "~/.elisp/nxhtml/nxhtml"
"~/.elisp/nxhtml/util" "~/.elisp/nxhtml/related")))
(setq load-path (append dirs load-only-dirs load-path))
(dolist (dir dirs) (update-directory-autoloads dir))
(byte-recompile-directory "~/.elisp" 0))
' &> /dev/stdout | grep -v '^\(Checking\|Compiling\|Saving\|Loading\|Wrote\|Warning: defvar ignored\|(No changes need to be saved)\)'
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