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Update README to set debug_info flag in Rails 3.2 #11

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Sass::Plugin no longer works.


to piggy back on this note, I'm running 3.2 and if you add "Sass::Plugin.options[:debug_info] = true" to environment.rb and try to run the rails server, you get an error: "uninitialized constant Sass::Plugin (NameError)"

as an alternative, I have tried adding "config.sass.debug_info = true" to application.rb. Now the rails server will run, but I'm still not seeing scss line references in Firebug.


I had the same issue, it turned out the CSS files were already compiled. Either change your CSS or remove tmp/cache/sass and tmp/cache/assets folders.


well, I am also using rails 3.2..
just add Sass::Plugin.options[:debug_info] = true to config/environment.rb
and get the error "uninitialized constant Sass::Plugin (NameError)"
and then I STFW, add require 'sass/plugin' at the bottom of config/application.rb
and put Sass::Plugin.options[:debug_info] = true to config/environments/development.rb instead of config/environment.rb
so it works

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@@ -11,11 +11,16 @@ rather than those of the generated CSS.
First, [install FireSass](
Second, enable Sass's `:debug_info` option.
-If you're using Sass with a Ruby web framework,
+If you're using Sass with a Ruby web framework, depending on the version,
you probably want to do:
+ config.sass.debug_info = true
+ for Rails 3.2, or for earlier versions of Rails
Sass::Plugin.options[:debug_info] = true
Add this to `config/environment.rb` in Rails,
or `` in other Ruby frameworks.
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