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TITLE="Marmalade Documentation"
default: doc
rm -rf man README.html
# This only works with the Ruby ronn at time of writing, which is really fine
# because the JS one is pretty bare-bones.
RONN=ronn --pipe
CODE=$(shell find lib/ -name '*.js')
man/code.html: ${CODE}
mkdir -p html
dox --title ${TITLE} $^ > $@
README.html: man/marmalade.7
ln -sf $^.html $@
man/%: doc/
mkdir -p man
${RONN} -r $^ > $@
${RONN} -5 $^ > $@.html
doc: README.html man/code.html man/marmalade.7 man/marmalade.1 man/api.7 man/package.5
rm -rf lib/public/doc-files
cp -r man lib/public/doc-files
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