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Perspectives for Emacs.
Emacs Lisp
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Perspective for Emacs


This package provides tagged workspaces in Emacs, similar to workspaces in windows managers such as Awesome and XMonad (and somewhat similar to multiple desktops in Gnome or Spaces in OS X).

perspective.el provides multiple workspaces (or "perspectives") for each Emacs frame. This makes it easy to work on many separate projects without getting lost in all the buffers.

Each perspective is composed of a window configuration and a set of buffers. Switching to a perspective activates its window configuration, and when in a perspective only its buffers are available by default.

It's recommended that you install perspective.el from Marmalade using M-x package-install. Alternately, you may put it in your load path and run (require 'perspective).


To activate perspective use (persp-mode).

Commands are all prefixed by C-x x. Here are the main commands:

Key -- Command

  • s -- persp-switch: Query a perspective to switch or create
  • k -- persp-remove-buffer: Query a buffer to remove from current perspective
  • c -- persp-kill : Query a perspective to kill
  • r -- persp-rename: Rename current perspective
  • a -- persp-add-buffer: Querry an open buffer to add to current perspective
  • A -- persp-set-buffer: Add buffer to current perspective and remove it from all others
  • i -- persp-import: Import a given perspective from another frame.
  • n, <right> -- persp-next : Switch to next perspective
  • p, <left> -- persp-prev: Switch to previous perspective
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