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require 'rake'
require 'vlad'
require 'vlad/git'
set :domain, ""
set :deploy_to, "/home/nex3/pi"
set :repository, "git://"
namespace :vlad do
desc "Prepares application servers for deployment.".cleanup
remote_task :setup, :roles => :app do
dirs = [deploy_to, releases_path, scm_path, shared_path]
dirs += %w(system log pids).map { |d| File.join(shared_path, d) }
run "umask 02 && mkdir -p #{dirs.join(' ')}"
desc "Updates the server to the latest revision."
remote_task :update, :roles => :app do
run ["cd #{scm_path}",
"#{source.checkout revision, '.'}",
"#{source.export ".", release_path}",
"chmod -R g+w #{latest_release}",
"staticmatic build #{latest_release}",
].join(" && ")
run "rm -f #{current_path} && ln -s #{latest_release} #{current_path}"
desc "Preview the site on localhost:3000"
task(:preview) {sh 'staticmatic preview .'}
desc "Build the static HTML and CSS for the site"
task(:build) {sh 'staticmatic build .'}