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This is a plugin for Pidgin [1] that allows you to display LaTeX [2] output into your IMs.

Important : this plugin is not compatible with gaim-encryption plugin. If you have this plugin, please be sure not having the 2 working at the same time. (for any other imcompability, please contact )

You need to have convert (from Image Magick [3]).

To build and install :
You can compile the plugin using
$ make
and install it with
$ make install
This will install it in ~/.purple/plugins so that only the user who install it can use it.

To install it for everybody on your computer,
$ make
$ su
# make install PREFIX="/path/to/pidgin" (this command as root user)
generally /path/to/pidgin is /usr or /usr/local. If you don't know the path then you can find out using
$ whereis pidgin
and look for the part before "/lib/pidgin".

To use
- put LaTeX code into $$ ... $$ markup, for example $$x \in \mathbb{R}$$


Developer :		Benjamin Moll <> (contact me for all infomations or suggestions)
Former Developer : 	Nicolas Schoonbroodt <>
Thanks for help or patch these other developer :
		Eric Betts <>
		GRIm@ <>
		Gof <ogoffart@kde. org>
		Nicolai Stange (
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