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Release v3.1.1

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Release of upcoming v3.1.1 ScanCode Workbench release

New Features

  • DejaCode API key visibility is now toggle-able in the upload dialog #391

Bug Fixes

  • Table rows are fixed height by default #1
  • Fix incorrect directory size on Scan Data Table view #232
  • Keep columns visible when navigating pagination pages #253
  • Long path names should now display properly #263
  • After Conclusion creation, the root node is no longer selected automatically #372
  • "No Value Detected" are now shown on the pie charts by default #378
  • Workbench can now import scans without fileinfo information #385
  • Products with no version are no longer rejected by the DejaCode upload #392
  • Update major dependencies #395

ScanCode Toolkit Compatibility

This beta version of ScanCode Workbench is compatible with scans from any ScanCode Toolkit develop version/branch at or after v3.1.1.


  • To install, download and extract the release for your operating system from the archives above. Then, run the ScanCode-Workbench application from the extracted directory.

  • For more information on how to use the app see the wiki.